Out with the Ark?

Windsurfing went out with the Ark when Kite Surfing came in but oddly enough I found a youngster practicing the ancient craft and offered him some help to get through the waterstart barrier.

I digress for moment; on the 7.30am cruisers radio net VHF Channel 66 there was an urgent call on Saturday because a young kite surfer and cruiser had broken his hip whilst surfing. He was anchored in a remote area off Frigate Island and his girlfriend and two dogs were left alone as he was flown to the hospital in Grenada.

So cruisers on the net were getting a project together to bring the boat to a populated Tyrrel Bay anchorage. So far, now two days later, customs won’t allow the boat to be moved until several forms are filled out.

The net is very active and one controller always manages to end with a joke the last one being ‘I walked past this garage downtown and the mechanic said to the driver ‘Man I no manage to fix ya brakes sa a made ya horn louda’.

Back to the lessons. Well it was a bit of a first but I managed to demonstrate waterstarting whilst wearing my flippers but there wasn’t quite enough wind to get going. It’s great to be actively doing something in the sea. I couldn’t resist publishing the flippers in the air pics.






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