Canouan Island

A quick stop at the anchorage on the way to Grenada. We arrived in a 30kn squall with little visibility and got soaked as we anchored just ahead of darkness.

Next morning we awoke to find that a commercial ship had anchored and was lying roughly over our anchor and last 10m of chain. With the constant trade wind acting on it’s topsides it would sail off to one side on it’s own chain until it stalled, then it would stop, change tack, and sail picking up speed throughout the pendulum arc until it eventually stalled again on the other tack. In order to leave we had to take up excess chain until we were close to the path the ship took, wait for it to sail across the chain, and then go for it to get the anchor up before it tacked back again. Not all anchor retrievals go to plan and sometimes there are delays at various stages. Luckily we got a clean lift first time and as soon as the anchor was free we headed away from the now oncoming ship.


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