Cathedral 2, Angra da Heroismo

GOPR5332More views of the cathedral and it’s treasures. The three photographs capture the disasters that have impacted the cathedral.GOPR5350 GOPR5349 GOPR5355 GOPR5379 GOPR5368 GOPR5330 GOPR5335 GOPR5336 GOPR5340 GOPR5341GOPR5352 GOPR5353 GOPR5359 GOPR5361 GOPR5363 GOPR5365 GOPR5366 GOPR5369 GOPR5370 GOPR5371 GOPR5372 GOPR5373 GOPR5374 GOPR5375 GOPR5376 GOPR5377 GOPR5378 GOPR5380 GOPR5382 GOPR5386GOPR5345 GOPR5347

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