Customs goes Customised

So after some research we think we may have zig zagged our way through the customs speak of 24 hours ago.

Dominica is said to have the simplest customs arragement.The agreement at the top was that cruisers would check in and get a 14 day automatic permit and they could leave anytime within that period.

But implementation is another issue. So Doyle’s guide says one thing, the government another and customs follow their own customised version of the intended rules.

You can check in and out of one port with the same crew. But you can’t go anywhere. To go anywhere you have to go back and get a cruising permit which gives you 24 hours to leave one port and go and check in at another, intra-island. This makes this the most difficult customs arrangement we have ever come across by far and as a result we will check out one time to leave Dominica rather than go to another port.

The curved ball has been fielded!


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