Day 17

Having got under headsail only in the early hours the wind built to 18-26kn Easterly so we are following our great circle route on 268 degs. The sea was a mess all day with a 10ft cross swell hitting us beam on. In the morning I got thrown out of my bench and across the cockpit about every 3 minutes, by pm I could hang in for 5 to 10 minutes and now 16hrs on I can mostly remain seated! But just when you think it’s all coming good the sea builds again… Today’s problem child? As it was getting dark (of course) found the engine exhaust syphon breaker was leaking. It has pinholes around a mounting bracket weld and this is an issue with salt water leaks and a pulsing exhaust flow that we can feel through the floor. Have removed and bounded it with silicone tape. The arrivals snagging list is growing.

Kapow! I thought the headsail block had exploded. But just another flying fish hitting the doghouse, or the Dawghouse as Duplicat would put it. Vital sadistics: DTG 1189nm, very excited at prospect of being below 1,000nm Speed SOG varying by the wave from 4 to 8.6kn Nothing sighted but catamaran TA-B just crossed bow From the Galley: Ploughmans, Burger (strange Las Palmas beef marinated in red wine although Sophie and Claire enjoyed them) & sweet potato.

DCIM100GOPRODCIM100GOPROOur Nav Screen & Tracking boats we know

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