Stuk Again! Up to the elbow in coke

Stuk being a four letter word of course. So we are due to leave La Coruna tomorrow. Engine fluids checked. But better check that pinhole in the exhaust with over 500nm to go. Run up the engine and gases are obviously escaping. Let’s say we need 40 hours or so to get home and quite a bit of that could be in fast running tides close to the coast and in river estuaries. With little wind that would be a problem if the exhaust deteriorates. So a quick chat with Marina Coruna and the Marina Seca guys will do the repair. Off with the elbow again, on with the new exhaust hose, and a quick look at the elbow’s condition. You can see the salt and mineral build up on the underside (of course it’s the out of sight area).

It was new about 8,000nm ago but look at the amount of coke (street value nil) that we have produced crossing two oceans.




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