Gone Shopping – See you at dusk

A word on cruising reality. Food shopping usually involves a 2 to 5 mile round trip which when you add in getting lost in the latest town having heard a rumour that there’s a supermarket somewhere to the north then you get some idea of what it’s about. We often leave around noon and break up the shop with a bit of lunch returning around 5 to 6pm. Sometimes we find shortcuts but often not. Weight is evenly distributed across the crew and one of our key shopping criteria is how much can we/do we want to carry?

Approximate round trip distances (excluding tender mileage and parking issues) have been

Camaret 3/4 mile

Viviero 1/2 mile

Camarinas 1/4 mile

Peniche 2.5 miles

Portimao 4 miles

Cadiz 3 miles plus 1 mile getting lost each time

The longest we have done is Morgat in France at over 5 miles




Here we are part way home on the 2 mile route back from the supermarket in Portimao. Unmade paths and dock side roads are the norm.

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