Groovy Grenada

This is proving to be a friendly island where you can relax. After our time in St Lucia if anyone approaches us we are immediately on our guard; what do they want, are they pick-pockets, where’s the threat? But here people come over and chat then leave having had a good conversation. The younger kids play instead of begging for money and people are out mixing together and having fun. It seems odd given our previous experience.

We went to the workboat races. The bass thumped the beach so hard and loud that the sand was jumping. We had barbecue lobster and chicken whilst watching some racing. The start is a Le Mans type start with everyone having to jump into the boat. The boats often take water over the rail and sink. The retrieval process is demanding.

Live music is a regular feature. That said we endured a painful hour or more of noise from a local band in the evening. The musicians looked to be individually competent but when they played together the overall result wasn’t great.



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