Haunted by an elbow

Can nobody sort out an exhaust elbow? Our original gave out off Trafalgar Point on the way to Gibraltar when the exhaust clamp joining two sections split. The sections were then too badly corroded to re-join. So we were quoted about 4k euros with a leadtime of maybe never by the local boatyard in La Linea. Instead we had Lancing Marine  make a new elbow for about £500 gbp which was supposed to be one piece but turned up as two.

The new exhaust lasted a few engine hours when the clamp between the two parts again sheared and we had to pull into Mindelo, Cape Verde Islands, to have the two pieces welded shut so we could ignore the clamp.

And below you can see the condition of the elbow today. The Mindelo weld wasn’t good enough and the elbow is leaking gases and salt water. The manufacturers material looks a bit suss but maybe our welder used a soft iron weld instead of stainless. That would explain alot.

Below is an extremely expensive Mussel and Chicken Empanada which could probably outlive our exhaust elbows.


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