It’ll be Christmas….

Crossing an ocean at 4 knots made me think ‘well what if we’re here for Christmas?’ Mmmm let’s have a look at our provisions? We have Christmas Pudding (yay!), cream (whooo!), red wine (waheey!) and brandy (weeey!), roast potatoes (yippeey!), peas and carrots (yeey!), no bread sauce (booo!), no sausages (boooo!), no Queens speech (hoooraay!), no raiders of the lost ark number 17 (hoooraay!), and we have turkey (yeeeehhheeey!) Hang on, turkey? Use by date mid June (booooo!). So instead of the odd plastic bucket floating past we need to find a turkey and a string of sausages….closest substitute available to us is a tin of chicken tikka masala.

Great weather, sunny day, flat sea. But things have moved on and we have had wind for almost 21 hours (like Christmas?) and we are currently cracking along at 6-7 knots in a 12kn SSW breeze. Only quirk today was GPS deciding not to give a fix but rebooting the Raymarine gear sorted that out.

DTG: 1314nm, might make half-way tomorrow.
Galley: Tuna salad, Beef in blackbean sauce with noodles
Barometer 1020

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