Living below the waterline

We have spent a week living with almost no water. We can keep the needle off the bottom by making water for 4 to 5 hours a day. Normally that would be 300L a day in which case we could be living as normal.


Our Ecosistems 60 watermaker started to decline in performance now making 20L per hour rather than 60L. We can’t figure out the problem but it could be the pump head. The system cannot reach an operating pressure.

Factory support on Ecosistems is best though of as nil so you have to use their network of support agents and that means returning to the dreaded Rodney Bay, St Lucia.

So today we moved the 300 yards from the anchorage to the marina to take on water.



The marina staff are great and the guys on the pontoons always so helpful. They love working in the marina they tell me and that is certainly demonstrated through their good service.



We took about 2 hours to nip into the service pontoon for water and diesel. Upon return to our anchor spot it looked as though the boat next door had moved across to cover our former footprint but as everything swings at anchor it’s hard to be sure. As we moved into anchor they disappeared below not to be seen again. So we dropped the anchor back to it’s earlier space on the seabed and backed down almost onto this boat; yes it probably had moved. How helpful would it have been for them to say whilst you were gone me moved over by 15 metres. Then we need not have wasted our time attempting to slot back in…..

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