Mmmm he looks dead!

GOPR5303We passed this guy lying on the steps and there was absolutely no motion whatsoever. Having walked on we thought it amusing that he was lying in the sun and sleeping it off in such discomfort that we wondered back and took a photo. We walked away again and after about a 100 yards up the street we had a brainwave ‘what if he’s dead?’. I mean he looks fairly dead. ┬áDid you see any sign of life? It didn’t look like a sleeping position either. But if by chance he’s sleeping and we wake him we can’t explain ourselves in Portugese. ‘Sorry mate we are prodding you because we thought you were dead! I mean you are in good hands; we have our Sea Survival and First Aid Certificates! Then we saw a couple of pedestrians walk by, cross over him and head up the steps. They were looking back at him a little concerned. OK he’s probably dead; he hasn’t twitched. So back we went again to check on the body….then a leg twitched….a knee moved. He was indeed sleeping it off.

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