F….F….F..Forget the T-Shirts!!!

WCC Admin are getting a bit shirty with us over the T-Shirt order and one individual is getting quite N’ARC’ed!

So did they discuss higher volumes with their supplier when ARC plus was introduced? Or does Gill just sell them end of season stock at a knock down price? Mmmm.

Our order has progressed from can’t do the colours, can’t deliver the sizes, can’t deliver the right sexes and now it could be that we are getting an older style cut garment? Now onto obsolete stock. First touch with the ARC team and it’s unimpressive.

Apparently all our fault for ordering before the deadline. We should have ordered 6 months ahead of the deadline…on that reckoning by the time we get to Las Palmas everyone will have sailed out 3 months earlier.

Reckon we could get 1400 quality shirts to order from China within a week.

If you want someone to rant at you whilst at sea contact WCC Admin and talk T-shirt. How about a pack of 3 XL white vests and a marker pen?

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