Nevis under the surface

When snorkelling off Nevis in the crystal clear waters do you need a fish identity chart to help you keep up with all of the wonderful species that lie below?

Or do you take a trip down to your local rubbish tip and learn to identify as many old and broken household items as possible?

I did decide to venture out for a snorkel what with the beach looking pretty and the waters clear as even at 25 feet of water you could see the seabed. I came across a wide variety of stuff; many plastic cups, a wine glass, t-shirt, broken umbrella, I think a chef’s apron, can of WD-40, a number of other cans and so on. I reckon I counted about 4 fish and they were soon to be consumed by pelicans. If snorkelling is a key attraction for you I can’t recommend any of the islands that we have been to. They are devoid of sea life and it looks as though we are mid way through some ecological disaster. Fingers point to the Lion Fish but it’s all a bit too late.

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