The only non-sailing sailing ship!

We had to motor down to Grenada from Union Island, about 34 miles, despite the wind being c20kn on a nice beam reach. Our Rondal headsail furling system has packed up again and after 3,000 miles of manual furling I don’t have the appetite for more especially with the need to furl/unfurl every couple of miles due to islands, rocks and squalls.

Then of course there is the main sail. We had to manually furl this into the boom at Canouan Island as our second system, the mast hydraulics, have also packed up. The switch gear seems OK but it looks like the solenoid has failed as no power is getting to the motor. Having manually furled the main once I am not intending to do it again!

So we are now in Prickly Bay waiting for Turbulence yacht services to visit and see if they can help. The only Rondal Service we can find is 400 miles north in St Martin. Mmmm!

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