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We sailed almost due south from the Spanish Ria’s to Peniche, Portugal. In Peniche we were amazed at how late everybody ate lunch and dinner. At how late we would get up in the morning. And that nothing was open when it was supposed to be even if we arrived at the opening time. We went to Mark’s bar which gave 3 time zones for something like New York, Paris and Berlinga. Berlinga was 6 miles away and corresponded to our watches. After a week in Peniche we went to catch a bus to the walled town of Obidas (where the Morello cherry liquour Ginja originates). We asked at the bus station and were told the next bus to Obidas was 14.30. Great we thought just 45 minutes wait but the ticket seller made a big issue of this fact. Looking at the bus departure screen it said the time was 12.45. We all had our Spanish time of 13.45 and had not had any exposure to TV or radio. Then a TV in the bus station had 12.45; slowly it dawned on us that we had been living an hour ahead of the rest of Portugal for the last week.

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