Rock ‘n’ River

Following a down Channel sail past Guernsey rather than face an overnight sail at 2.5 knots with a falling wind against a foul tide which would have sent us backwards we decided to put in behind a rock called Ile Tome near Perros Guirec. Just us and a load of lobster pots; we must have been at the end of a string where there was a small gap before the next. All evening was thunderous as July 14th fireworks echoed down the coast. Eventually our local town to the south of us let fly and a very impressive display went on and on. Booms echoed around the Sept Iles. We gave up watching Channel 4s The Returned to take in the fireworks.

DSC08442.JPGsetting anchor Ile Tombre.JPG


Sunset at Ile Tome







Setting anchor at Ile Tome






5 am was time to hit the road and it was a beautiful morning but having stopped after 2.5 hrs sleep the night before the crew were nowhere to be seen. By the time we set off around 10am it was thick fog which stayed with us until about 4pm. To time it right for the Chenal du Four, where all of the famous waves over lighthouses pictures originate, we anchored at the mouth of the river at LAber-Wrach directly in the wakeboard zone. What a way of life wakeboarding until 10.15pm on a Monday night as the sun slips away. We anchored about 20m off the leading lights route which backed us up to the lobster pots again. The fog descended after dark and as as a fishing trawler loomed out of the haze we turned up our deck level stern anchor light. The rivers and anchorages tend to be quite narrow. Again it was just us and about 40 lobster pots in the anchorage.

Chenal du Four was completed in sunshine and as we rounded Brest we found 20 knots of wind at last. Raced a ketch to Camaret, dropped anchor and the teens went for a swim in 20 deg C albeit a wetsuit event.

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