St Maarten breakfast rolls

This is it really, the end of the Caribbean and the beginning of our own ARC in reverse so we are starting to prepare to cross to Bermuda and to the Azores. But it is so hot from 8am through to sometime like 3am. The temperature changes by about 2 deg C but our hull becomes hot and we again hit about 34 deg C onboard. It’s sweltering and that’s not great when it comes to completing jobs.

Doyle’s guide claimed the anchorage to be sheltered but with the east corner being full we had to drop back in the swell. We had to close our port holes as we were close to rolling rail to rail. Life was getting difficult onboard. By 0730 next day we’d rolled ourselves into a breakfast pastry and rather than attempt to pour an orange juice we couldn’t wait to move tighter into the bay where our neighbours knew nothing of the pendulum effect. As the bridge to Simpson Bay Lagoon started operating opening the way for early birds to get inside the lagoon we went for a bit of land grab and anchored on the edge of the approach channel. It was tight but by the next bridge most had left. What a different world it was in all but 150 yards. Almost flat calm.

GOPR3297 GOPR3300


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