St Martin ‘Stuff Happens’

After three days in the lagoon Electec have done a deep dive on the generator and the headsail furler has disappeared into the sheds for a rebuild. That kind of progress was impossible to achieve  down south and the skills simply weren’t available. We are waiting for the results regarding both units….and time is pressing as we need to be out of the hurricane zone, way east of Bermuda, in reality in the Azores by July 1st.

The headsail was cranked on the staysail halyard and lowered into the tender this morning. From there it went across the bay, through Loomies bar, and out the other side where it was then craned into the Tropical Sails loft two stories up for servicing.

A quick whizz round to FKG rigging next door and there was the previously wonderfully sculpted Rondal furler on the operating table in parts, parts that didn’t look too good internally. The bearings on the gears had worn and these were now chaffing steel to steel on the inside. Having gone out of production parts are scarce so we can currently declare our new status in St Martin as ‘stuck’.


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