Where’s the Reindeer?

In 24 hours we have gone from T-shirts and shorts to fleeces! As I went to bed tonight a new sensation; it felt cold. Daytime temp. in the saloon now a lovely 26 deg C down from 34C, water temp 23.7C down from 32.6C.

We have 460nm to go and we have been a bit roughed up over the last 18 hours whether there is wind or not. This last section feels like it’s going so slowly…we yearn for land because we know it’s there.

Today’s discussion ‘which bar shall we go to in Horta?’ ‘Cafe Sport is the yachting one we know, that one it’s in the guide?’ ‘No, the nearest one!’

The wind thing is a puzzle. We were under jib alone making about 5kn max overnight again being shaken like a Bond Martini when at 7am another yacht 8 miles away shot past at 7.4kn. Indeed the wind, which was forecast at about 3kn, was blowing 18-20kn WNW. So we put up the main and had a morning of 7-9kn speed under sail.

Wind got to 25kn this afternoon and the sky went black so we reefed heavily. Just crept between two squalls, the side edge of which delivered 32kn. The face would have delivered much more.

At 19.00hrs local we have F5 NW and we are staying reefed on the main so making about 6.5kn. The new grib file today again says no wind, the barometric pressure here is as forecast, but the wind is blowing? At 0000hrs local we are in NNW F3/4 making 5.4kn, still reefed in the main.

So Roman Abramovich dies and is about to enter heaven. At the pearly gates St Peter calls him over. Pssst! Pssst! Are you the guy that owns 6 jets, 7 helicopters, 5 yachts, a football team, 16 houses and 5km of white sandy beach in the South of France? Yes, says Abramovich. Well in that case, says St Peter, I don’t think you’re going to like it here!

DTG 420nm
Galley Tuna mayo on toasties, baked potato & cheese
Barometer 1022

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