Yacht Aditi

Signed up – ARC 2013

So it was a bit of a surprise yesterday when the WCC tweeted that the 2013 registration was open. We signed up to book our place so the Transatlantic train is rolling. We now have the key dates, the rules, the crew requirements. New sails are almost on order. Some measuring to produce a final spec still to go. Not replacement white sails but a storm jib and a heavy weight assymetric which should get us through to the other side of the Pacific. The bow thruster reveals itself… and the bow has come up clean again

T-10 and ARC 2013 entry round the corner

Our final lift-out is complete and winterisation has begun. It’s exciting to think that the next time in the water launches us into our adventure. The ARC 2013 rally entry is open next month and we are looking forward to putting our name on the list. In the meantime we are keeping a close watch on the 2012 rally with great tips being published by participants. Our winter shopping list is shaping up: Several litres of white vinegar, hydraulic oil, diesel oil, enviromentally friendly anti-freeze and a few kilos of grease, polish, oils, Boracol 10RH, Arborsil 101, and numerous bits