Yacht Aditi

Alderney Race

Photos of, and photo’s by Sascha, as Aditi and Irreversible head through the race

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Chenal du Fort

Photos of Aditi courtesy of Sascha on Irreversible, a Westerly Longbow


Flashback; Sailing into St Lucia

We filmed yacht Jambo following us about 120nm out from St Lucia at the end of the Atlantic crossing. The video illustrates the level of ordinary swell kicked up by the 25 knot trade winds.



Holed up in Havelet Bay

There is some bad weather due so we are moving off anchor and into the pool tonight. It’s been relatively cold and the swell has been a constant, however, Sacha turned up next to us and joined us for dinner and a movie. He is piloting his Westerly back to the UK having done a solo circuit and will be sad to part with the sea life and his boat. He has taken some great pictures which we hope to blog shortly.



Ocean Sailor No More!

The beginning of the end. The Ocean Sailor gives up his freedom, nights rolling at anchor, tinned food in bowls, stories of the ocean wave, of fishing, of customs houses, boat boys, lobsters, wahoo & mahi-mahi, dolphin, whales, live blues, rum, dangers in the night, the meeting of so many nomadic friends and sleepless nights at sea lashing things to the deck, reefing and watching in exchange for…..Corporate Man!  I mean just who is that? It’s all wrong isn’t it? Mmmmm, go round again??? Which way is south? How satisfying will the future ‘long legs’ of 65nm across the Channel be?



Chuting down La Manche

Rounding Ushant we raised the cruising chute in the steady waters of La Manche, the English Channel, as we ran downwind toward Guernsey. Making up to 9.5 knots we decided not to fly the kite at night so as dusk fell we drew down the sock and packed it away all relatively easily.

Now what did we learn on the ocean? Ah, yes, to reef down at night. But this is just the simple little old Channel, right? Home waters, only 65m deep, just coastal stuff. So we went into the night with a slight sea and full sail. The forecast; Force 6 and moderate to rough seas. On the deck there seemed to be no sign of such conditions so we made no changes.

Of course the wind gradually strengthened, the tide turned, the seas ramped up and by midnight we were running in short sharp and aggressive seas, 25 knots and under full main. It was a completely dark night, and cold, very much colder than anything we have experienced for a long time. Reefing down wasn’t fun, then we ran under reduced genoa, then reduced again as a 30kn squall hit. All the fun of a typical Caribbean night without the warmth! The easy downwind leg turned into a long night.


Clambering over Camaret

Camaret provides opportunity for a great set of walks around the harbour and up on the cliffs




Post Biscay

Everyone is happy to have crossed Biscay. We caught up with Sacha who single handed the Atlantic circuit and he is with Monica and his mum, Siggy. We met in Grenada and again in the Azores. As a family we are re-united again with just the UK shore team missing. Will has joined us for a week’s holiday and has settled in very well.