Yacht Aditi

Submersible Pidgeons

Just as on land when you try to photograph some fantastic city landmark or statue pidgeons get in the way of the lens. Well the same thing happens under water! We took a detour to the underwater statue park. Initially we found the statues impossible to find but upon asking a dive boat we were told we were in the wrong bay. In fact the bay is so small it is not identifiable on a chart. The fish in the area are friendly and won’t leave you alone. They don’t scoot off as they usually do but come right up

St George’s anchorage, Grenada

Heading north we are parked off St George’s in a wonderful onshore swell that has been pushing us around all day. The anchorage has become busier and spread down Grand Anse beach. We went shopping at Food Fayre and they have a dedicated dinghy dock about 50 yards from the supermarket door. They also have a special racked trolley which they use to pack your large shop and wheel it to the edge of your tender – very smart. Looking down Grand Anse beach


It is well known that the most dangerous part of sailing is not the ocean crossing but the dinghy ride particularly in cold water and on fast flowing rivers. But unfortunately a tender was found on Saturday on the rocks, engine in gear with no fuel in the tank. 48 hours later the body of a man from Quebec was recovered from the bay. We think it is our anchor neighbour who is missing. We watched him arrive alone and very competently lay down his anchor. A few days later and we look out every evening and morning to see

Everything but the kitchen sink

A couple of weeks ago Last Dance, a catamaran at anchor in Prickly Bay, had everything stolen. By that we mean everything except the kitchen sink; pumps, solar controllers, electronics. We don’t have a complete list but the poor owner was looking for toilet spares just to get them working again. And yes they even took the saloon table…it’s very disappointing to hear of such an event in this bay.

All down hill from here

Last time we were in St George’s we brought you pictures of the world’s largest private motor yacht. This time we came across the largest sailing yacht EOS owned by a guy who has a normal day job……Diller was “the highest-paid executive [of 2005 fiscal year] according to a report by The New York Times with a total compensation package in excess of $295 million. So that’s the two largest yachts now done and from here on it’s downhill…               EOS is 305ft LOA.                    

Cross Roads Part 3

It’s a funny thing when you have the freedom to roam the earth and you can’t quite decide where to go. The charts below show that we look at the earth relative to our current position and we have now plotted routes from the Caribbean: Through Panama to the Galapagos, or via Easter Ialand, to the Marquesas and onwards South to Guyana and Surinam North to Florida and up to New York/Rhode Island East via Bermuda, the Azores and to the UK/La Coruna/The Med And a general alternative along Cuba and Puerto Rico The swing-o-meter is currently trending toward Western