Yacht Aditi

Month T-6 Searching for a good omen

As the days start getting longer we search intensely just like the ancient mariner for a sign, an omen, a simple indication that we are on the right journey. We have listened to the rigging; not a sound. We have searched the sky; not an Albatross to be seen in the grey murk as the rains pour down. We have stirred the bilge water and peered into the depths; nothing. We have raked the sump oil and peeked behind the headlining; nothing. Alas the sign of a great omen has yet to make itself known so on onward we go

You can lead a horse to water

But first you have to make the water! So the watermaker is contemplating life on-board – where will it live, where will its pump go, what seacocks will be added, how will the filters be installed and where will the pipework have to go. Feel another headache coming on for which I need…….water.   Once the watermaker is in place we plan on waiting for the darkest night to onboard the horse and see what happens. 02/13¬†Latest update – it is now very difficult to find a horse in the UK! We are fitting the watermaker modules to the bulkheads

The Three Metz-ateers

Meet AIS, VHF (back up) and SSB DSC now in place and the operation requires jackstays and harness on land as ice covers the decks and 65 metres of cable to run…soon to be about 120m with the addition of WiFi and SSB radio connections And add Alfa WiFi We have added Alfa marine WiFi which feeds straight through to a wireless router. Not that keen on the Alfa designed mounting bracket as it is not a closed ring bracket but will run with it for the time being. Almost half way through the cable runs from the stern utilising

Month T-7

    The relentless countdown to departure ticks away so a quick readiness check; Where’s the watermaker – hallway Where’s the tri-colour – kitchen Where’s the DSC antenna – garage the VHF antenna – rear cabin AIS antenna – shop New chain – boatyard Foghorn – shop Bilge pumps – shop SSB Radio – shop Ocean life jackets – shop New sails – in manufacture Dyneema for gybe preventer – shop The next round of joinery removal, mast climbing, cable running, soldering and heavy gear placement is just around the corner – can’t wait! This month is about securing the