Month T-6 Searching for a good omen

As the days start getting longer we search intensely just like the ancient mariner for a sign, an omen, a simple indication that we are on the right journey. We have listened to the rigging; not a sound. We have searched the sky; not an Albatross to be seen in the grey murk as the rains pour down. We have stirred the bilge water and peered into the depths; nothing. We have raked the sump oil and peeked behind the headlining; nothing. Alas the sign of a great omen has yet to make itself known so on onward we go keeping our highly tuned senses alert to the slightest prophecy.



You can lead a horse to water

But first you have to make the water!


So the watermaker is contemplating life on-board – where will it live, where will its pump go, what seacocks will be added, how will the filters be installed and where will the pipework have to go. Feel another headache coming on for which I need…….water.


Once the watermaker is in place we plan on waiting for the darkest night to onboard the horse and see what happens.

02/13 Latest update – it is now very difficult to find a horse in the UK!

We are fitting the watermaker modules to the bulkheads and reusing old 24 cables (which are rated at 50 Amps for the approx. 10m run and the watermaker at 24V will draw a max 25 Amps). Here we have fitted the second filter with the sea water line into the membrane together with the air-cooled pump power unit which is a large aluminium heat-sink.


The sticking point has been to re-use the existing thru-hull fittings. The to-be brine outlet  is 1 1/2″ bsp and needs to be reduced to 15mm internal diameter. After weeks of searching we hope to have found the solution at



The existing 1″ thru-hull outlet blanked off alongside an active grey water outlet.






The existing 3/4″ sea water inlet to be T’d, ball valved and reduced down to 20mm