Yacht Aditi

Something’s Cooking

Pan holders start to line up for a chance to board


Some careful bending to ensure sufficient contact with pots whilst maintaining the aesthetics


and eventually construction ceases


Out with the Grey and in with a hint of Blue

An initial clearance of grey water, dark skies and constant rain


Out with a bit more grey


A slow transition toward dove grey


A mild blue tint creeping in


and a deeper shade of blue on the horizon


Jamming, just jamming

We’re jammin
To think that jammin was a thing of the past,
We’re jamming, jammin
And I hope this jam is gonna last

As Bob said and he knew a few things about jamming – the ‘not keen to jam under any circumstances’ port spinnaker rope clutch is reconditioned



with a replacement dome plug made of Nylon 66


Month T-8


This month is set aside for welding and grinding with the making of the antenna tree, gybe preventer stowage hooks and pan holders for the cooker. Also on the list is a guard to stop stuff in the forward locker (the garage) from either sliding onto the grease around the retractable bow thruster or getting crushed at the base when the thruster is down.

Other hits this month include bypassing the shore power Isolation Unit so we can extract it and remove the cooling fan to hopefully replace the worn bearings.

When starting this blog we thought it would be about sailing!