Yacht Aditi

Art vandals on the Quay!

So having claimed our square and painted our white background over the completely faded blue something or other by midday we returned at 16.30 to start the next layer. Our white background was still tacky so we watched the Brazil world cup game nearby. At 7pm it was looking good but it was too damp to start anything new. Returning next day we were outraged to find that our square had been painted! Can you imagine another boat helping itself to your pre-prepared section of wall. We couldn’t believe it but there it was. A green chameleon, the boat name

Security goes hoooooonk!

Marina security is tight. It is provided by a couple of geese, a couple of ducks, and a turkey. Turkey? Well we’re not sure. It’s black and white. But the only turkey we are familiar with tends to be smooth pale pink, missing head and feet, and about to go into the oven on 25 December. But the give away could be the giblets; every year when we open the dreaded packet, or leave it inside the turkey for 6 hours and go ‘oh no’, from what we recall the neck just looks a bit over-sized on the certified pink

Fish freezer?

Think there are fish in ┬áthe Caribbean? Think again! They keep quiet about the fact that there are fish in the sea in this area; but then it’s a bit too offshore for the average trawler. And we are talking quite small boats that land these fish. They are craned off in batches for a few hours, each batch taking about 4 minutes to go through the cranage cycle. The catches are interesting but I’m not sure how we are going to get it in the fridge it’s the wrong shape; either we have GM modified square fish or we

Around Horta

Even the cat is ‘Azores-cool’ enough to sit on the sea wall and let passers by stroke him. A good memorial in paint for Cheeki Rafiki. The town fire station manned by volunteers. Note every inch of pavement is inlaid with patterns. When shops are shut there is an interesting practice of cramming product into the doorways to show.