Yacht Aditi


Bar Potonao Sopa; Chick Peas & Ham/Goat





















Maybe by the police station











Nope, down by the docks?

















Best prawn pils pils aroundGOPR0226.JPGGOPR0230.JPG










And on the house caramel vodka

Through the Keyhole

A house with pool, underground rock pool, a few bars, cave auditorium seating 600, great views by the sea, secluded gardens, waterfalls, and a seriously crowded visitor centre


The Edge

The northern tip of Lanzarote which terminates in a cliff overlooking Isla Graciosa and their marinaGOPR0058.JPGDSC01917.JPGGOPR0059.JPGG0030088.JPGGOPR0127.JPGCopy of G0015401.JPGGOPR5425.JPGGOPR5428.JPGDSC01905.JPGDSC01906.JPGDSC01909.JPGDSC01912.JPG



The Stig

GOPR0049GOPR0035GOPR0026  GOPR0040Heading north on the ‘mountain’ pass

Up the Creek without a Camel

 DCIM100GOPRO DCIM100GOPRO DCIM100GOPRO DCIM100GOPRO DCIM100GOPRO DCIM100GOPRO DCIM100GOPRO DCIM100GOPRO We drove into Tierra del Fuego and caught a camel before heading further into the volcanic hills where it is compulsory to take a coach around the national park.

At the top of the mountain the resaurant cooks over a natural heat well.

Buziing about in our little car we thought it great that a hire car came with half a tank of gas. But then flicking through the meter reading options the car said it had only 9km range left to go on the fuel! Could it be that it converts the fuel guage to read how much reserve tank fuel there was? Oh no, it was now a third of a reserve tank left, up at the highest point in the reserve, about 9km from the nearest station. And that’s without a getting lost due to lack of signage allowance…

Carefully we eased through the gears and luckily most of the journey to the station was downhill. We rolled onto the forecourt with 4km left on the dial. Car hire never changes.











Crew Makeover

Preparing for ARC Party. We had a look through the Halloween collection


Ball of Chute

Having arrived in the marina we have sorted out our giant baseball of a sail, rebuilt the furling drum and started sail repairs. The headsail leach was showing wear but then we noticed the boltrope on the luff was parting so this job couldn’t wait.

Pictured below is the Marina Lanzarote under construction.

Focus on meeting ARC safety specs continue with Flare dates and types being assessed.














GOPR5179 GOPR5184 GOPR5182 GOPR5181


We entered Puerto de Naus expecting an anchorage but this has now been superceded by a new marina which is under construction. On Day 1 we had no services on the pontoons but by day 2 water was flowing and the pontoon electricity pods were all enabled. This is now called Marina Lanzarote and it has huge potential. It is based in Arrecife.

DSC01895 DSC01896 DSC01897 DSC01891

Boat on the Run

DCIM100GOPRODCIM100GOPRO  DCIM100GOPRO DCIM100GOPRO.DSC01831.DSC01855…..to the Canaries, a 4.25 day 550nm journey to Lanzarote, with 24 hours under engine















Under our A4 cut North Sails runner which gives us a smooth ride at 160 degrees.


















Another sunrise








Then the halyard broke and we took we think an hour to haul the chute out of the sea and into the cockpit which it then absorbed. After a cold water break we managed to roll the amoebic slug into a large but secure ball