Yacht Aditi


The existing 12mm chain of 60m in length has gone to a specialist welder to extend it to 100m. Managed to miss putting the anchor through the window as it was lowered before we roped the hook to control the swing – just. On the way down it cleared the roof and guttering by about 3mm as it arced through the anchor roller link by link. The chain has now returned but there are concerns about locker capacity as a straight onshore lift leads to a full locker at 85m as chain piles up under the hawser but this isn’t

Getting zinced

Most of our zincs have turned passive having obtained a thick layer of white zinc oxide on them possibly through being in brackish estuary or river water. Looking back they were fairly oxidised a 14 months ago so the bow thruster and prop anodes have been doing most of the work. Having spent eons of time searching for an alternative to replacing 13 zincs, and having discussed the matter with many in the industry, the great face-off began to recover what are otherwise very good anodes by weight. Having tickled them with a wire brush, a bigger wire brush, a