Yacht Aditi

All Dreams Come to an End

And so it is time to say goodbye to life on the water. We have lived on Aditi every single night for 15 months and it has been an amazing experience. Don’t get me wrong; we are not thrilled to be hauling out today and we would rather be heading the other way. But the boat needs a bit of ‘land’ time and as the hull emerges and you see the level of fouling you know that this is the right thing to do.

And so the dream closes in heavy rain, one of the very few occasions where we are wearing waterproofs, and as the hull is lifted we marvel at the condition of our 16 anodes. Very little erosion.

Whilst our home is in the slings and being pressure washed for a couple of hours what on earth do you do in heavy rain? The King’s Head of course!

Everything on the underside has come up clean and following the pressure wash we are pleased with the overall condition. It’s tempting to take out the rollers, paint the hull and drop back in to head south. Take away some of life’s obvious constraints and we’d be gone, gone, gone. Ocean sailing has given us a fantastic sense of freedom and we would think nothing of reprovisioning and heading for The Canaries. But there is maintenance to be done before Aditi heads anywhere.

One thing that does amaze us is the cleanliness of the propellor and shaft. These were coated with Lanolin before being dropped in the water and they have emerged in better shape than ever before. The prop is clean; no calsification or barnacles so it’s ready for a quick polish. The rope cutter is a little fouled and it could be that it missed out on the Lanolin.

Where do we go from here? We start dreaming new dreams…..




The season’s over!

We are one of the last of the 2014 season to be camping out in Yarmouth. Often blowing Force 8 and 9 but mainly dry. A Challenge 67 yacht was pinned to their pontoon and unable to leave the harbour for 24 hours due to the beam on F9 that was blowing. The crew emerged on deck in full foulies for about 3 hours as ropes and fenders were moved. The skipper stared out into the Solent for much of this time but wasn’t able to come up with an exit plan.







Double Rainbow