Yacht Aditi


What a great place to sail – the Rade de Brest is very Solent-like and with many nearby towns to visit such as Camaret, Morgat, Douarnenez and numerous anchorages there is plenty to keep a crew occupied. Exiting the Gulet de Brest is another thing altogether – wind if straight on accelerates through the gulley and as we hit the open water we hit 20-25 knots and kept burying the bow before being thrown skywards wave by wave. About a mile later, probably less, we were on a calm blue sea with a steady 8 knots over the deck and

Final Pre-ARC 2013 trials

So we knew that summer would be the time to do all of the above deck jobs that need sorting from the waterline to mast head – bathed in sunshine and a light breeze with sealants and paint setting fast and jobs being ticked off. Well not in April, nor May, June, nah; try July in rain and 15 degs C with a constant F7 and a bit of windchill – so most of the ‘outside’ jobs list is carried forward and may have been added to. Aside from that we have had a few good sessions with a 48