Yacht Aditi

Life on Mars?

Don’t know, but there is in La Linea…..all through a little misfortune which makes for one thing….a party. Via sailing blogs we got together with ARC yachts Adina, Millport II and friends. We are stuck with a blown exhaust, Adina with a blown gearbox and Millport II who helped tow Adina back to the pontoon with a blown weather window for the Canaries. We can see 8 days ahead and the winds are unfavourable so working boat or not we are all tethered to shore. So the crews got together over a few beers to swap tales of the ups

Recycling Lifejackets

We wanted an engine sling for hoisting our 15hp outboard. Of course resources are resources and they are scarce so we keep almost everything that we find which is durable. In this caes we have carved up a couple of old Crewsaver lifejackets and deployed the parts to create the sling with easy on-off clips and adjustable ‘waistine’. The velcro fastenings were also re-used on our sail cover which needs new size 10 zips (when we find a supply). The old jacket fabric was headed for the bin when suddenly the potential for creating such things as courtesy flags was

Between The Rock and the Boatyard

We are stopped in our tracks. The onboard temperature in the saloon is 30 deg C daytime and 28 deg C early am so although it doesn’t change the humidity ramps up in the daytime. But the new enemy is the mosquito which typically boards around dusk and then moves in for a few days. With that and the odd giant ant we are increasing our defence programme to amber level. We have loaded up with Cucharacha spray. We are now officially stuck in La Linea. Blogging is back on the SSB as the expensive marina WiFi does not work