Between The Rock and the Boatyard

We are stopped in our tracks.

The onboard temperature in the saloon is 30 deg C daytime and 28 deg C early am so although it doesn’t change the humidity ramps up in the daytime. But the new enemy is the mosquito which typically boards around dusk and then moves in for a few days. With that and the odd giant ant we are increasing our defence programme to amber level. We have loaded up with Cucharacha spray.

We are now officially stuck in La Linea. Blogging is back on the SSB as the expensive marina WiFi does not work and alternatives are few. Our exhaust system as pictured has been stripped down (lucky we carry bolt splitters or it would still be where it has always been!) and our local quote for repair came to the equivalent price of a reasonable small car. We are therefore getting the parts made elsewhere and hope to ship all the assembled parts tomorrow for a 10 day turnaround on the bespoke engineering.

Being stuck for 3 weeks has had a psychological impact as we are used to moving as and when we want, wind prevailing. At present we are in the vicinity of about 10 ARC yachts so not feeling lonely regarding the journey south. We met George today who left for the direct route to the Canaries. We are astern of Maltese yacht Hanse 630 Marie Sofia and there are a couple of ARC boats to our port side including the German Sirius. So we have to accept that we are here for 3 weeks rather than the 3 days we intended. That’s not as easy as it sounds. We are getting round to boat jobs and finding local suppliers for useful bits.

Regarding local restaurants we think: Roy’s Fish and Chips – normally wouldn’t touch it with a boathook but absolutely brilliant first time. 2nd time round it was busy and they said they were 4 waiters down. The food was terrible so outcomes the 10ft boathook again.

Maharaja Indian – reported to be the best in Gibraltar but also said to be very bland – we concur.

Malak’s Moroccan – kind of a hole in the wall takeway with a couple of tables. Great special with Moroccan pepper steak, tandoori chicken, Moroccan chicken & beef plus several other marinated meats all cooked together as one.

Asian Zen in La Linea – fairly good but costly Chinese Casemates restaurants – generally same old stuff which doesn’t appeal

China City La Linea – good all you can eat buffet

Serano La Linea, behind the church in the square, two barrels outside, excellent tapas and great service.


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