Yacht Aditi


Snap! So our ARC neighbour to our stern also blew out his brine hose on the watermaker which filled his bilges but with the downside that this flooded and wiped out a number of printed circuit boards mounted low down such as bow thruster controllers.

Tapping a Lifeline

23 years post production we have just finished tapping the stanchion bases to secure the stantions and lifelines which hitherto have simply lifted off the port side. Drilling into 18mm stainless steel rod bases and tapping threads ran to about 1.5 to 2 hours each by 8 stanchions mainly due: the problem of getting enough pressure on the drill bit for it to cut the need to frequently run oil onto the drill bit careful thread tapping (one tap got a little tight and snapped off in the base so it had to be shattered bit by bit using a

World Strongman

On Saturday we visited the bus pull in Gibraltar and it was difficult when ‘up close’ to these guys to see how robust they are. Pulling a bus looks very normal and standing alongside, because they are fit and well proportioned, the competitors look normal. But getting back home and looking at the pictures revealed the massive size of a world strongman. Pictured alongside UK’s strongman Terry Hollands his forearm is thicker than my leg! What we found amazing about the competitors is the time they spent with their fans, the public and with children posing for numerous photos and