Yacht Aditi

Security goes hoooooonk!

Marina security is tight. It is provided by a couple of geese, a couple of ducks, and a turkey. Turkey? Well we’re not sure. It’s black and white. But the only turkey we are familiar with tends to be smooth pale pink, missing head and feet, and about to go into the oven on 25 December. But the give away could be the giblets; every year when we open the dreaded packet, or leave it inside the turkey for 6 hours and go ‘oh no’, from what we recall the neck just looks a bit over-sized on the certified pink version versus the marina look-a-like. Of course this is the kind of thing that Columbus had to resolve on his forays across the Atlantic so we are probably not the first to wonder whether the pork stuffing should stay where it is this time around.

Back to the topic. If anyone ventures near our dock we know it as the double-goose klaxon goes off.  They patrol about 3 times a day, always at 7 to 8pm, and they check out the crews very carefully. 14 days on and we are still yelled at every night but as we are legit we stand our ground.

Last night the security team extorted 4 slices of bread as they looked hungry. It was a public holiday and it could have been that their taxi driver feeder whom we see each night had taken the day off.

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