The Three Metz-ateers

Meet AIS, VHF (back up) and SSB DSC now in place


and the operation requires jackstays and harness on land as ice covers the decks


and 65 metres of cable to run…soon to be about 120m with the addition of WiFi and SSB radio connections


And add Alfa WiFi

We have added Alfa marine WiFi which feeds straight through to a wireless router. Not that keen on the Alfa designed mounting bracket as it is not a closed ring bracket but will run with it for the time being.


Almost half way through the cable runs from the stern utilising as far as possible the original build routing. Access involves more boat yoga and a ‘special’ set of tools without which it would have been impossible


And the SSB goes straight into the slot we cut a year ago (banking on no design changes to the control head)


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