Yacht Aditi

Eve of departure

Having hidden all the contents that we can’t stash anywhere sensible we have stacked them behind lee cloths in our unused bunks and we think we may be ready to go…..somewhere?

It has never happened before; the weather forecast is for no wind for at least the next 6 days and the UK will be hotter than many places far to the south. Some wind available across Biscay and more around Cap Finisterre. Looks like the ideal time to head straight for Spain once through the Channel. We will know more when we get underway.

Expected to be leaving at about the same time as ARC boat Merlyn.

We have today bent on the genoa, sealed the hole in the transom (hydraulic cable exits to the backstay rams), re-organised the sail locker for the tenth time having added more food and spares (yep sail locker is full of food stores), and we gradually stored the ‘no way Jose’ larger items like printers and laminators, set up the kedge anchor at the stern, and initiated/tested the satellite phone.

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