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Afloat At Last

Packing up shore life was like traversing the last 400m of Everest with so many months of effort behind us but with the air thinning and the bitter cold setting, with legs of lead  and every day being the same it was a case of no way can we leave by our chosen date, to perhaps tomorrow, then again tomorrow, then maybe today surely, just a bit to do we will be out in an hour….four hours later and no end in sight.

That’s behind us now and although sleep walking we have reached the end of the beginning. We now live afloat (although yet to open the watermaker valves but can’t hear any trickling).


We would not have floated within this decade without the help of Sue, Mandy & Darren, Gethan, Johnny and other helpers yet to be identified.

The mainsail is now bent on and we plan to depart on Saturday 13th July after a sail trial with North Sails.

It has taken 2 days to stow 50% of our stuff and we again see some cabin floor here and there. Things that have had their place for two years are now moved and who knows where the new stuff went. Reaching for a spanner now yields a tin of beans and the rubber mallet is soap powder. Reverse logic does not apply as searching for soap powder does not then reveal a rubber mallet, nor in fact soap powder. It gets frustrating.


Why not make lists? Because time is marching on and our departure time is pressing. The engine has been run up for the first time in a year, the generator re-commssioned, deck cleaned, jack stays fitted, more parts ordered, rig inspections complete, new forestay and backstay fitted. Still dawn to dusk tasking.

Thank you for all the lovely good wishes and Bon Voyage messages. We look forward to setting sail!







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