Cross Roads Part 3

It’s a funny thing when you have the freedom to roam the earth and you can’t quite decide where to go. The charts below show that we look at the earth relative to our current position and we have now plotted routes from the Caribbean:

  • Through Panama to the Galapagos, or via Easter Ialand, to the Marquesas and onwards
  • South to Guyana and Surinam
  • North to Florida and up to New York/Rhode Island
  • East via Bermuda, the Azores and to the UK/La Coruna/The Med
  • And a general alternative along Cuba and Puerto Rico

The swing-o-meter is currently trending toward Western Europe but we only have a few weeks until May by which time we should be underway toward Bermuda. If we miss the window then we are destined to be down this way for another year. The pictures might look amazing with palm trees and turquoise seas, ev

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