Yacht Aditi

At the sharp end..

The crew were less than enthusiastic with the news that they were to share 27 injections between three of them during the month of June.Thoughts about the sun having brought out the nursing shark with razor teeth jumped to mind.

Attempts to colour out the red zones along the route around the world ‘risks’ chart and hand it back to the nurse didn’t work so an alternative mitigation plan was hatched. The re-routing of our journey to avoid the red very high risk areas, the blue high risk areas and the grey definite risk areas left us with a limited island based route; west to the Scilly Isles, round the Isle of Man and back round the Isle of Wight. This idea became more appealing as syringes were aimed skyward and tapped on the side.

Tuesdays are now Innoculation Day and the youngest crew member still get’s a lolly for being good.

Exit Stage Right?

Initial plans for departure are taking shape with the current outlook being a re-launch into the water on the 5th July and at the earliest a departure date of 10th July heading for the Plymouth area. A route via Brest remains a plan B option depending upon the weather patterns.