Yacht Aditi

Magnifique Iles des Saintes

That is all these islands function for and they are great in a way. French food, French quality dinghy docks, scooters all round, pretty colours and a kind of Mustique peace with street level energy. They even have cats around town and we haven’t seen those for a while. Let’ start with Customs now camouflaging their office as a street bar laundrette and move on through the town to Fort Napoleon:  

To our Blog Readers

In general we have no idea who reads our blog, nor why, but just occasionally we have contact from the other side of the fence and a reader gets in touch. This is very much appreciated and it’s great to hear that we are giving some readers a bit of information (apologies if at any time it’s misinformation), some thoughts on planning, maybe a bit of light entertainment. There was a time when we had one reader; that was me! Then a few more joined up to the point we did a post on Derrible Bay and that for some


The side door is locked and being Easter Saturday there is nobody around. So the lady running the food stall in the ferry terminal says why not go up there pointing toward, well, customs not surprisingly, but of the ferry kind not the yachtie kind.                         I then caused all kinds of excitement when I walked up through the security scanner expecting to go round the back to Customs as opposed to the usual back alley. Ooops gone too far. So a security guard comes down and walks us

Customs goes Customised

So after some research we think we may have zig zagged our way through the customs speak of 24 hours ago. Dominica is said to have the simplest customs arragement.The agreement at the top was that cruisers would check in and get a 14 day automatic permit and they could leave anytime within that period. But implementation is another issue. So Doyle’s guide says one thing, the government another and customs follow their own customised version of the intended rules. You can check in and out of one port with the same crew. But you can’t go anywhere. To go

The lid flips off Dominica

And so it happens. This is an open and friendly island. After shooting some pool with a match against local islanders in French language we then met up with a whole bunch of residents keen to tell us about their world. We were then joined by our Boat Boy, Desmond, who is a really nice, calm and patient guy. We met the taxi drivers, tour guides, chefs and who knows who else from the island keen to tell us about life and have a good laugh. One of them put me onto a Virgin rep from Neckar Island when his

Lunch and use of the Pool

Just what we need to cool off. So we had lunch in a great setting                                                       The usually very good natured teen was a tad moody, sorry, tired today…but we had use of the pool so never mind. We suggested the buoys were keeping her up at night because half the time all we can hear in the 36m depth anchorage is the mooring buoy slamming up against the underside of the hull as

Who’s for lunch?

We drifted down to the Anchorage Hotel for lunch and they have a whale area for the benefit of diners. But who’s dining on who? One thinks of a whale as plankton sift but looking at these teeth a puny human wouldn’t  provide much crunch (given world statistics these days would probably be spat out for being too chewy…)