Yacht Aditi

Post Biscay

Everyone is happy to have crossed Biscay. We caught up with Sacha who single handed the Atlantic circuit and he is with Monica and his mum, Siggy. We met in Grenada and again in the Azores. As a family we are re-united again with just the UK shore team missing. Will has joined us for a week’s holiday and has settled in very well.

Brest arrival delayed by Starfish

One lucky starfish about to get minced through the bow roller but spotted whilst checking the angle on the chain. Would it let go? Not on your life. The first attempt to remove it was to douse it with a litre of fresh water. At first nothing happened so we were pondering step 2, maybe a bit of salt and vinegar? Alas it found fresh water so disgusting that it pealed itself away and fell to the depths.

Biscay Battered Day 2

It doesn’t matter what the wind is doing this patch of sea is totally unpredictable and quite mad. The waves have no pattern or shape to them and it can be relatively calm for 30 minutes and then turn wild again within a few hundred yards. All in 15 to 25kn of wind. It is almost spring tide so the currents are running. Now I know how it feels to be a battered cod. What am I talking about? I have no idea but after being Biscay Battered for 48 hours with almost no sleep because conditions are changing that

The edge of La Coruna

A wonderful park leading up to the Torre de Hercules Roman lighthouse. Lunch was found in the University cafe which is open to the public, just north east of the marina. Menu of the day £6.00 for 3 courses and wine but we settled for small tapas. The coast is dramatic in the dark sky as a small front passes through – looking out to sea that’s where we are headed next for about 350 miles on the back of the storm Bertha which is rolling across Biscay tonight/tomorrow. Eventually this lead to rain so we had to hide out