Yacht Aditi

Biscay Battered Day 2

It doesn’t matter what the wind is doing this patch of sea is totally unpredictable and quite mad. The waves have no pattern or shape to them and it can be relatively calm for 30 minutes and then turn wild again within a few hundred yards. All in 15 to 25kn of wind. It is almost spring tide so the currents are running. Now I know how it feels to be a battered cod. What am I talking about? I have no idea but after being Biscay Battered for 48 hours with almost no sleep because conditions are changing that frequently it seems like a reasonable comparison at this time. How do you otherwise explain a sea that makes no sense?

Eventually arrived and anchored off Camaret beach at midmight. We then experienced something totally alien to us; COLD! It was cold. As we dropped anchor the deck was cold, the windlass, the chain. We haven’t felt anything like it for over 12 months.

We waited until next day to switch courtesy flags.

During one of the calms we got some photo’s of yacht Early Dawn heading south




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