Yacht Aditi

Azores in 5-4-3-2-1

We were overtaken by Hamish on yacht Low Profile early this am! So there I was writing to you as this 13m yacht crept up behind and I thought shall I, no it’s 3am, maybe I should, ah no it’s too much, but I really should… And that’s when I decided that it was on and that I had to defend our place. Turning to windward I put up the main, tweaked everything, got an extra 0.8 of a knot out of the downwind run, but calm as a cucumber along comes the very friendly Hamish, has a chat, and away he goes off into the distance.

Working down from 250nm to go to 120nm was a durge; so slow. Then the wind backed and put us on a broad reach so now we are tanking along at 7.5 to 9 plus knots and Hamish, once vanished, is back on AIS ahead of us so we are reeling him in. But he is 9 miles ahead and we have just 39nm to go so I think he will take the line with ease. Our ETA is about 5am. Hamish recommends the steak on a hot rock with Pico wine, this his 4th time here, and it sounds like a mouthwatering prospect. It’s blowing about 18-25kn from SW. The Azores is buzzing with ship and yacht traffic so there’s lot’s to see and focus on all of a sudden. Fantastic. It’s great to see after days alone. It all started to get exciting at about 100nm out and the hours are rushing by. I can now get FM radio but only some dreadful stuff on the classical station – need to knock off a few more miles.

DTG 35nm

Galley same as yesterday

Barometer – 1021


A beautiful weekend in April afforded us the time to antifoul Aditi. Having already antifouled our 38′  boat, Jemma, a couple of weeks previously we were quite organised but weren’t prepared for the sheer scale of the job!! 57′ in length and just over 9′ draft created some challenges on how to tackle the job.

I think I look fetching in my white astronaut suit!

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