Yacht Aditi

Naming Ceremony and Party!

We decided to hold a party to mark exactly one year in the water, celebrate the first year of preparation and to officially toast the new name now that it was safely stuck on the boom!

We had a wonderful evening with fun, friends and frolics!

The highlights of the evening were:

  • Greetings to Reggae music and sweet sunshine
  • Fran hosting and looking after the food (thank you!)
  • Everyone having their photo taken in the ‘Captain’s hat’
  • A loud compact ‘city’ Club with 17 in the saloon
  • Flashing of various tattoos and however concealed! (how I missed this I don’t know!)
  • A rather tipsy guest going missing and being found sitting  on the back of someone else’s boat (luckily the boat owner was away!)
  • A different, very inebriated, guest who didn’t recognise me at the exit gate!
  • Hotel lock outs at 3am
  • The cat was zonked out for 3 days so it’s paws up!

Paul and I were finally tucked up in our cabin by 4am having had a fabulous time.

Thank you to everyone for making the occasion so special. And a huge thank you to Clare ( without the i ) without whom there would be no photos!

Hover over or click the thumbnails to see the ‘witty’ captions.
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