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Dieppe Dash 2012


We had a full ship with the 4 of us joined by Simon and Clare. Clare nobley took the top bunk. Although as it turned out, in a very rolly Dieppe on our second night, that was the best place to be!

We were somewhere between being a bit late to very late to get started as we had to firstly wait for enough depth of water to move plus we had some broken battens in the main to replace. In Force 2/3 we mainly drifted East and eventually had to motor for three hours before a north westerly filled in rising from 8 through to 25 knots which enabled us to make up time, arriving at nightfall.

We were left to explore Dieppe in the rain but clearly this is a great destination with a full Saturday market, great High Street, castle, lido and beach front. Also one of the most colourful and impressive yacht clubs we have come across.

More info and photos on this page about Dieppe.



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