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Shortest Ocean Voyage, Ever?

We set our departure date for Wednesday, yesterday, but it was far too beautiful to go. So we moved it forward 24 hours.

We set off for northern Spain this morning. We let go the lines and travelled down the marina fairway along the wall to Reception and the Fuel Pontoon. Just fill up with about 600 litres and then book out and we are away by 11am on our 950nm passage.

Fuel Pontoon. Diesel? Yep. Passes me the hose and the nozzle is in the tank. Pull the lever and the oil fuel rushes into the tank. Lock the lever in the open position and let the litres flow…..a long job usually except in Gibraltar where they can adjust delivery rates. Tick, tick, up goes the litre counter. Then it all goes quiet, the counter stops. Release and press the lever. A little diesel is delivered. ‘Have you run out?’. Hang on let’s reset it. Anything? No. Just a minute I will ask the boss……We are out of fuel……We have 5 tonnes being delivered today. Was due at 8am but now not until this afternoon and the truck has to stop and settle for two hours before filling our tank. Will it actually arrive?

So we moved from the pontoon on the right in the picture to the hammerhead, or about 30ft. Try again tomorrow; 3rd time lucky?



Talulah Ruby’s artGOPR5399GOPR5398work is holding up well as is the fish hull cleaning service.



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