Yacht Aditi

Wave if you’re on Easy Jet into Faro

We are underneath! The nose wheel lights come on just over the mast on finals. Only Berlinair.com has been smart enough to paint their web address under the fuselage. We wanted to take the tender to the end of the runway but it’s now about 5 miles away following intervention by the pilot. 5 miles south of Faro airport is an island with just 3,000 residents. We are anchored in the canal outside the port. A fishing village that also taxis in tourists from Faro for the beaches. No roads so a few tractors do the shifting over sand. It is said that yachts have pulled into the local lagoon and stayed a decade. We had lunch in the town centre, actually in the community centre, next to the bank. Photos to follow when we get some bandwidth again.

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