Day 14: Marigold squids rule!

Every day I check on our progress and the answer for the last 4 days is an Est time to go of 12 days. Have been motoring since 1240 today in progressively declining 8 to 3kn ESE wind. Outlook for the crossing remains slow. Question is will the ARC reorganise the programme ashore in view of the poor conditions for the crossing?

Fishing today. Decided the marigold lure needed a bit of help so first thing this morning I made a fish attractant out of an empty half squashed 330ml coke bottle and a cork. The two things rattle together when dragged. A couple of hours later and we had a 2ft dorado on the line. A beautiful looking fish the majority of which ended up pan fried. Marigold’s should add the tag line ‘can also be used as squid’ on the pack. Staring into the pretty colours of the radar in the middle of the night I can see into tomorrow’s future. Becalmed, a voice calls over the rail ‘I’ll save a cold one for you’ and a bloke on a pedallo hired in the Algarve races ahead over the horizon….

Vital sadistics: DTG: 1657nm From the galley: Cereal, Dorado w Coconut & Black Bean Rice, Southern Chicken w Coconut & Black Bean Rice Saloon temp now 33 degs C, water 31 deg C. Sightings two yachts drifting at midnight otherwise sea and more sea


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