Easy Rider – Faial

Scooting around Faial including several kilometers on compacted volcanic sand – we hired a couple of 125’s and got lost in the hills. The B/W images show the eruption in 1958 which created a new island which bubbled up from the sea in 3 days alongside the colour photos of the now renovated lighthouse. Underground is a very well presented and comprehensive volcano museum. The last picture shows the 2km wide volcanic crater on the centre of Faial, Caldeiro.GOPR4911 GOPR4924 GOPR4925 GOPR4926 GOPR4930 GOPR4932 GOPR4933

GOPR4946 GOPR4962 GOPR4958 GOPR4939 GOPR4938 GOPR4935 GOPR4934 GOPR4925 GOPR4920 GOPR4917 GOPR4966GOPR4964 GOPR4959 GOPR4954 GOPR4948

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