Get’s my goat!

Following the calmest evening with the best sunset yet we lucked out at Bingo by one number. Yes we were an ’18’ short of a goat. The cruisers next to us had come over from Hog Island to celebrate a birthday and one of them, the guy in the beige shirt,  won a goat. He was elated and quick to make friends with his new farming asset back stage. Top prize tonight was 800 ECD, a goat and a pig but they had to be shared between two winners.

It’s all back to normal this morning with the usual 20 knot trades blowing. My neighbour who lives with his dog is listening to opera about as loudly as is possible on a boat system and it’s quite nice to hear across the sea.


Why do we go to Bingo? We found it odd until we had had enough of the ‘dark by 6.30pm at anchor’ lark when there really isn’t much to do onboard. And it is the one night that is given over to locals and their music, their culture and entertainment so it’s good fun.



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